Craftsbury. Winter Sports Center

We can see a sports center near the American town of Craftsbury. The main activities in this center are rowing, practiced in the neighboring pond of Great Hosmer, as well as running through the forests and fields of the Orleans district, and cycling.

But the main activities in the Craftsbury Outdoor Center are skiing and biathalon.

Despite the fact that the center was opened in 1976, its rapid development began only in 2008. The new owners have seriously changed the structure of the center and now its members can enjoy quality ski races. For a small town, with a population of only 1,000 people (two centuries ago, there were about 1,300 people), such a large sports center is undoubtedly a landmark and the pride of the town.

This town is also famous for its participation in Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Trouble with Harry, as several scenes were shot here.

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