Custer County. Crazy Horse Memorial

It’s the first memorial of its kind, dedicated to the Indian leader of the Oglala tribe, who lived in those parts of America in the middle of the XIX century. Crazy Horse was the name of a leader who went down in the history of the Indian people. The horseman embodies not only the spirit of freedom of the native population of the USA, but also the human ability to turn an ordinary rock into a real work of art.

In the left part of the image, you can see the profile of the rider. The memorial is one of the longest-lasting construction projects in America; its construction began in 1948. The funds are mainly collected at the expense of visitors; up to a million people come here annually. All donations are voluntary, so it is hard to collect a large amount of money at once and complete the construction.

Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, who didn’t get to see his creation built, left a detailed drawing of the memorial, which is to be almost 10 times bigger than the legendary bas-relief of the four US presidents on Mount Rushmore.