Denver. Panoramic View over the City

This is the view over Denver, the capital city of the state of Colorado. Denver is situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in the valley of the South Platte River. Downtown of Denver consists of several famous skyscrapers like Republic Plaza and California Street 1801. Rest of the city is one-story housing mostly.

Denver is famous for its numerous green zones. For today, the city has over 200 parks. In some of them, we can find seaquariums, in others — zoos and botanical gardens. The resting part is intended for traditional “walking” and recreation. One of the largest museums in United States, The Denver Museum of Nature & Science, is also situated in this city.

The unofficial name of Denver is “Mile high city”, something what means “A city on the elevation of one mile”. This name can be explained by the city’s physical elevation above sea level, which is exactly one mile. The Colorado State Capitol Building was designed in the same architectural style as the United States Capitol and from some angles might look absolutely undistinguishable.