Fairlee. View of Lake Morey

The population of Fairlee, from the waterfront of which we are looking at Lake Morey, is only about 1,000 people. But despite this fact, the town is always crowded, because tennis, football, golf, and other sports facilities are on the territory of the resort.

Swimming and canoing competitions are held on the lake in the summer. In winter, on the frozen lake, there are ice skating tracks that are 7 kilometers long! Ice hockey is also played there. Local hotels offer extensive family programs for recreation. This camera is set in one of these hotels. Lake Morey Resort is right on the lake’s shore.

The history of Fairley began at the end of the XVIII century, but, since then, this Vermont town has remained a quiet corner of the United States. Despite the small number of residents, many famous actors, politicians and even great inventors like Samuel Morey were born here.

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