Fresno. Fresno Chaffee Zoo

We are at the zoo in Fresno, California. One of its zones, African Adventure, is devoted to African animals. It is what we see on the screen. During the day time, you can see antelopes, rhinos, elephants, cheetahs and other animals. African adventure has an impressive area of about 5 hectares, so the animals feel free and comfortable. The entrance fee to Fresno Zoo is only $10 for adults, so there are always a lot of visitors.

There are other zones in the zoo, where you can mingle with the animals, for example, Valley Farm. On this farm, you can pet and feed sheep, goats, chickens, cows and other farm animals. Stingrays await visitors in Stingray Bay, sea lions are in Sea Lion Cove, and kangaroos inhabit Roo Walkabout.