Holyoke. The Post Office

The camera in the post office building of the town of Holyoke shows South Interocean Avenue. On the opposite side of the street is the City Hall and, in the distance, we can see popular restaurants and cafes.

If we go along the Avenue to the north, we will find ourselves in front of the famous racing autodrome, Phillips County Raceway. Hundreds of tourists come to the small Colorado province to watch exciting road races.

Holyoke was named after the eponymous town in Massachusetts, but in contrast to it, the population of the city in Colorado is 20 times smaller (about 2 thousand people).

As any American city, the center of Holyoke has a couple of football fields (for American football and soccer) at Holyoke Senior High School, as well as the baseball field, Kamdon, in the northeast of the city.