Lake Worth. Pier

In recent years, the resort town of Lake Worth in the southern United States has been destroyed several times by powerful storms, but it always recovered, because not only US residents, but also tourists from around the world love to relax there. The beautiful ocean coast and a wonderful lagoon, which gave the city its name, are attractions of Lake Worth resort.

Just 60 kilometers away from here, you can swim in the fresh water of Lake Okeechobee, the largest lake in the southern part of the country. Lake Worth Resort is also known for its public parks and open walking spaces. And more recently, a casino, which is rapidly gaining popularity, appeared there.

The pier (from time to time you can see it in the picture from this camera) is right outside the cafe Benny’s on the Beach, where the camera is installed. On the summer terrace with stunning views of the ocean, you can enjoy refreshing cocktails and fish dishes.