Lock Haven. Bridge over the West Branch Susquehanna River

At first glance, the small and unremarkable town of Lock Haven is unlikely to be interesting for a sophisticated traveler, but if you look closely, you can discover the wonderful hinterland of the United States.

Firstly, in Loch Haven there are real attractions such as Memorial Park Site, the archaeological finds of pre-Columbian America, the museum of Victorian time, Heisey House, and Water Street district, where you can find an amazing combination of architecture from the XIX and XX centuries.

Secondly, the very location of the city is so good that you can just enjoy walks along the local river of West Branch Susquehanna, which you can see on the screen, or visit the local parks, located in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

And third, you can have a look at the famous Lock Haven dam, which put an end to the suffering of local residents whose homes had been repeatedly flooded during various natural disasters.