Los Angeles. The Venice Beach

This webcam is located in Venice, which is a very popular beachfront district in the western neighborhood of Los Angeles. Venice was founded in the far 1905 as a small seaside resort place.

Today its 6-kilometres long beachfront, beautiful canals and a promenade called Ocean front walk attract many visitors every day. Public here is quite mixed, from artists and performers to street vendor and sportsmen.

The camera’s objective is turned in the direction of the beautiful ocean and captures splashing blue waves, high palm trees and, of course, local surfers. The beach area here is very well equipped. You can find numerous recreation grounds, children play areas and amusement parks.

Don’t forget to visit the Muscle Beach, if you are keen on sports. This is an outdoor weightlifting platform, constructed directly on the ocean coast and used by many bodybuilders and strength lifters daily.