Miami. Newport Fishing Pier

In 2016, the completely reconstructed pier, Newport Fishing, was inaugurated on one of the northern beaches of Miami. The swivel camera in Pier Park shows us the sandy beaches of the city, as well as the updated pier. At night, the pier becomes the most prominent object on the coast because of its bright illumination.

Unlike the majority of such facilities across the country, Newport Fishing still remains faithful to the traditions and is not only used as a pedestrian zone, but also for its intended purpose. It is still possible to meet fishermen there any time of day.

For those, who are going to throw bait into the ocean, the entrance to the pier is $5, and $2 for other visitors. In addition to a superb view of the coast of Miami, the pier offers convenient parking within walking distance, a restaurant, as well as a rescue services tower located near the pier.

Periodically, various festivals and celebrations are organized on the pier. You can suggest an idea for an interesting event in the local cultural department.