Myrtle Beach. View of the Beach from Bermuda Sands Hotel

Myrtle Beach is one of the main tourist centers in the United States. Annually, about 14 million tourists from around the world holiday here! The town was separated from the continental United States in 1936; it was made especially for the development of tourism in the region. It often hosts concerts of popular singers, as well as the country’s largest conferences and exhibitions.

Golf courses are very popular among the vacationers of Myrtle Beach, and there are about 40 courses here (though they do not have outstanding sizes, they are able to attract the maximum number of golfers).

The camera is looking at the beach from the Bermuda Sands hotel. Tourists who stop there enjoy several advantages: right in front of the hotel, there is a pedestrian promenade, to the left of it, there is the famous pier of the resort, and on the right, within a couple of minutes walk from the hotel, a water park and an amusement park have been built. All in one place!