New York City. The Brooklyn Bridge

You can see Brooklyn Heights, St. George Tower. We are in New York! The architect of a historic building on Hicks Street, Emery Roth, is considered one of the greatest pre-war masters in the United States. St. George Tower is considered a true art deco style masterpiece. The recently renovated tower is decorated with gargoyles and grotesque eagles. The complex of the St. George Tower, built at the turn of the century, includes several other buildings, as well as the famous St. George Hotel.

So, look at the screen. The webcam shows several sights of New York, both historical and modern. On the right is one of the newest skyscrapers of the city, One Manhattan Square, which was built between 2014 to 2019. The 88-storey building does not fit in the frame because its height reaches 259 meters!

But still the main attraction is the world famous Brooklyn Bridge. Its construction began in 1870 and lasted for 13 years. One of the oldest suspension bridges in the country has a length of almost two kilometers. The bridge connects well-known areas, Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge is the first among such structures in which steel rods are used in its construction.

It is noteworthy that the traffic on the bridge is organized rather unconventionally, the pedestrian and bicycle paths are located in the center of the bridge, while the roads are located on the sides.

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