New York City. Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is a major street in Manhattan borough of New York. It serves as a border between Manhattan’s East Side and Manhattan’s West Side. Many of the main touristic points of interest are located here. Our webcam captures some of them — museums, hotels and very expensive shops.

Here, on Fifth Avenue, stood the original twin towers of World Trade Center till the year 2001, when terrorists destroyed them. Today, we can still see the tall structures of the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center and the Flatiron Building, all included in the list of National Historic Landmarks.

The famous “Museum mile” is a section on Fifth Avenue with 10 modern museums. The most famous are The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Neue Galerie New York and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum.

The upper part of the street, so called Millionaire’s Row, is a parade of famous fashion industry names like Armani, Emanuel Ungaro, Versace, Dior, Gucci, Chanel and Prada. Don’t expect to find any reasonable prices in this area, with local rents going over 21000 dollars per square meter.