Ocean City. Castle in the Sand Hotel

We can see the territory of Castle in the Sand, which is located in the resort town of Ocean City, New Jersey, on the Atlantic coast. The hotel offers a comfortable family vacation with a great entertainment program for children. And most importantly, the hotel animators will teach your children to build the highest and most beautiful sand castles by the ocean.
Here you can not only relax after a hot day on the beach, but also rent a board for surfing, play beach volleyball or Frisbee, or relax by the pool, have a swim in it or jump into it from a special springboard.

On Atlantic Avenue, where the hotel is located, street musicians and artists perform every night.

The resort area of Ocean City, which hosts up to 8 million visitors every year, is separated from the main part of the city by the Isle of Wight Bay, so tourists on holiday are not disturbed by local residents and the city hustle.