Perry. Silver Lake

We can see some houses on the eastern shore of Silver Lake. The lake is not big, and the village of Perry, which is located on the northern shore of the lake, is also not very big, so the locals have a good time on the coast. If you go from north to south (or vice versa), you will cover a little more than 4.5 kilometers in distance. Basically, you can meet fishermen and small pleasure boats there.

One of the mythical stories of the sea serpent, which was seen there in the middle of the nineteenth century, is connected with the lake. A 20 meter monster with glowing eyes was noticed by the fishermen in 1855, and after that the lake became a popular destination for travelers, who love mysteries. Now, the lake is gradually losing its popularity and only the annual festival, dedicated to the serpent, reminds Perry residents of the former glory of the resort.

On the south shore of the small lake is Silver Lake State Park.