Sheboygan. Pier and Lighthouse

In front of us are a pier and a lighthouse of Sheboygan, an American city, standing on Lake Michigan. This is a view from Blue Harbor Resort, one of the largest resorts on this lake. The huge territory of the hotel with pools, private beaches and entertainment complexes can host an impressive number of visitors.

Sheboygan Breakwater Lighthouse was built in the middle of the XIX century and was almost entirely designed like three other lighthouses on Lake Michigan. The initial version of the lighthouse was destroyed by fire in the late XIX century, but was quickly restored. The lighthouse color was not always so bright; the walls were originally painted white. At the moment, the lighthouse is used as a weather station.

In the early 1990s, near the lighthouse, they found a wreckage, which sank in the Sheboygan harbor on April 9, 1894 during a storm. Now, these fragments are placed in Deland Park, which isn’t far from the lighthouse.