Sheridan. Main Street

Sheridan is located in the western part of the United States. As in many neighboring towns, the economy here is based on the breeding of cattle, coal mining, timber, and agriculture. Maybe that’s why there are no high-rise buildings in the very center of the city. Sheridan looks more like a large village, though it is the administrative center of the district and even has its own airport in the southern part of the city.

We can see one of the major streets of the city — Main Stree. The camera is maintained by the telephone operator, the office of which is next to this street. In the central area of the city, residents can relax in Whitney Commons Park (located behind the building on which the camera is installed), go to Centennial Theatres, and see Sheridan City Hall and Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, which are local sights. And all these attractions are within walking distance of North Main Street, which we can see on the screen.

The fact that the Mayor invites everyone to the rodeo on the home page of Sheridan’s website also speaks about the provinciality of the city!