Tampa. Tiger Reserve

Unlike domestic cats, tigers and lions like to swim. At Big Cat Rescue, we can watch tigers near the lake. The rotary camera shows us two zones of the shelter, where two tigers live — on the left is TJ’s house and on the right is Hoover’s.

Wild cats move around the shelter unhurriedly and imposingly, so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of the inhabitants of Big Cat Rescue. The organization has been working since 1992. It stands for the cessation of the cruel treatment of large cats and rescues wild cats from extinction.

One of the main tasks of Big Cat Rescue is a complete ban on the ownership and trade of tigers in the private sector. At different times, such animals as Binturongs, red lynxes, caracals, civets, cougars, Geoffrey cats, leopards, lions, lynxes, ocelots, barchan cats, servals, and of course, tigers, have been here.

Enclosures for the cats in the shelter are large enough so animals feel comfortable in captivity. On the 27 hectares of the shelter, there are small forests, ponds, and glades for walks.