Virginia Beach. Resort's South Coast

This is the largest city in the state of Virginia and a popular American resort, Virginia Beach. The camera is installed on 1st Street, near Rudy Bay, and is directed towards the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Here are the perfect sandy beaches and sports and recreational facilities. The most famous and interesting are: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Owl Creek Municipal Tennis Center, Shipwreck Golf and Motor World. If that’s not enough, go to the central beach of the city, where you’ll find Atlantic Fun Park. In short, Virginia Beach tourists can have not only beach holidays, but also lots of other entertainment.

If you decide to choose this resort city for your vacation, you can save on the hotel and restaurants. The thing is that a lot of them are fighting for customers, using their pricing policy. For example, at Schooner Inn (the camera is in walking distance from it) the prices start at $60 for a double room, and this is not the limit, they have two times cheaper options.