Yachats. View of the Beach

In the picture from this camera, we can see the rocky shore of the North Pacific Ocean in the town of Yachats. This unusual name comes from the language of the indigenous population of these places and means “dark water at the foot of the mountain.”

The city was ranked among the “Ten coldest cities of the USA,” which doesn’t seem very flattering, but many experts call this resort one of the best in the world. Such a review Yachats received, for example, from the famous guide Frommer’s.

The camera is installed at the Adobe Resort. Fans of beach holidays do not stay there because not many dare to swim near the sharp rocks. The hotel offers its guests excellent panoramic views of the ocean waves crashing against the rocks, whales, seals, pelicans, and sea gulls flying over the magnificent sunsets, as well as the majestic sound of the ocean.

The reasonable prices are pleasing as well; a double room with breakfast included is only $105.