Dubrovnik. The Panoramic View over the Old City

This webcam is located in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The “Adriatic Pearl”, Dubrovnik is on the list of the best preserved medieval walled cities of the present world.

The entire city looks like a picture from a very beautiful holiday card. Medieval narrow old streets, white houses with red roofs and terrific view over the Adriatic Sea — this is how tourists usually describe this city in a few words. Dubrovnik is encircled with almost 2 kilometres of walls, remaining from the old marine times. In some places they are six metres thick and 20 metres high.

The port, which today lies under these walls, once used to be the major port in the Adriatic region with an impressive city marine consisting of about 900 sailing vessels. Now it is occupied with beautiful modern yachts and boats. As someone will say, nature abhors a vacuum!